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So long farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu – only joking!!

August 20, 2010

This is goodbye for now, but only to the blog that is!!

I have bitten the bullet and now have my “domain” so please come and see me at my new home:-

Thank you for your support so far.  Please add me to your “favourites” or subscribe to my new site to get me straight to your inbox!! Don’t be a stranger, come and say hello.

MEME: What job can you imagine your baby doing?

August 14, 2010

Whilst reading a magazine recently I saw an article which said a study by statistician Dr Geoff Ellis has suggested that your first-born is more likely than their siblings to become a rock star.  With this in mind I’ve decided to have a go at starting a meme to see what you think your children will go on to become.  It could be a really interesting one for you to look back upon when they’re grown up.  I wonder how many of us would have got it right?

So as for my children?  Hmmmm, let’s start with my stepson Curly.  He’s 8 years old and is a typical boy, he loves anything to do with monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and secret agents but I can’t see much of a future in them for him other than being the next James Bond.  He has said a couple of times that he would like to be a policeman but when we told him how much paperwork was involved he changed his mind, he just hates writing things down.  He is very strong at maths, especially mental arithmetic and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he didn’t follow in his Mum and Dad’s footsteps into accountancy. 

He’s also really good at remembering song lyrics, this is something which has always baffled Hubby as he says he must get that from me (though clearly I’m not his Mum so I don’t see how) but I only need to hear a song once I can recall all the lyrics, Curly is exactly the same.  At the age of four, we had a new bathroom suite fitted and had one of the toilets with the push button flush on the top.  Imagine our amusement when he went into the bathroom, placed his finger on the button and started singing the lyrics to Chemical Brothers “Galvanize” which contains the words “push the button” – he had the tune exactly right and did a little dance as he sang it.  As for becoming a rock star though?  I’m not so sure!

Then we have Little Bean (2yo).  Right from being very tiny she has responded to music very keenly.  The minute she could stand up holding onto furniture she would bob and bounce to Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”.  She would recognise it right from the start of the tune where it plays very quietly and would get so excited.  She has now progressed to Lady Gaga and has her own CD which we have to have on in the car all of the time.  I’m pleased to say that she also likes Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” one of my favourites.  Whenever a piece of music comes on that she likes, it doesn’t matter where she is she will start to dance and encourage others to do so too.  I think she will be quite a motivational person when she is older and I definitely think that nothing will stop her getting what she wants.  She is one very determined young lady who always manages to find a way if something blocks her path.  I think it would be easy to say that she would go into something music related, perhaps dancing but I think this will only be a hobby (like her Mummy).

Her other big passion is being outdoors, come rain or shine she loves it.  It just brings her alive to be out in the fresh air, she is a very physical little girl who loves climbing, jumping and running – boy can that girl run!  She is very fast already so perhaps she will take after her Daddy and be a sport-billy?  Who knows? 

I can imagine that she will make a great mother, she just loves her dolls (though perhaps that is because I’m pregnant and she is trying to emanate me?).  She feeds them, changes their bums and is always giving them cuddles telling them “there there, luff you”.  The only thing I’m not sure about is when she throws them down the stairs because she can’t be bothered to carry them – one to watch out for when her baby brother arrives!

The one thing I do know about both of my children (and the next one to come) is that whatever they choose to become, they will have me and Daddy there to support them and help them in any way we can.  Providing they try their hardest then we will be proud of them just for who they are.  I think our children all having glowing futures ahead of them but for now, I just want them to be children and make it last as long as possible because we all grow up too fast!

So now its over to you, I’m going to tag a few people but please feel free to join in and comment if you do so that I can pop over and see what you think the future holds for your little ones . . . . .

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Review: Tommee Tippee Crystal Clear Suresound Ultimate Baby Monitor

August 12, 2010

Whilst tweeting for advice on the best baby monitor to buy for our boy due in 5 weeks (did I really say 5 weeks?) I was offered the opportunity to test and review the Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Baby Monitor. 

For the past week we have been road-testing it with our daughter Little Bean who is 2 years old.

Tommee Tippee has been a household name for years, one which you associate with quality and peace of mind for your baby/children.  That couldn’t be more true than with this product.  It has given us complete peace of mind that whilst we are downstairs watching TV, out in the garden enjoying the night air or sleeping in our bed – our daughter is sleeping soundly in her room.

The Suresound Ultimate Monitor comes with a sensor pad which is placed under baby’s mattress directly under the area where the baby sleeps.  The lead then passes under the cot to the baby unit.  The sensor pad has the ability to monitor your baby’s tiniest movements via the highly sophisticated sensors.  When I initially looked at buying one of these monitors myself, I was worried that if baby wasn’t a “mover” then the alarm would be going off every 20 seconds.  However, the sensors are so sensitive they detect the movement from the baby simply breathing.  I remember so well from the early days bringing Little Bean home, the number of times that I would stand by her cot watching for her chest rising and falling, or prodding her to make her move just so that I could be sure she was still breathing.  Now I wish I had researched a bit further because all i need to do now is look at the baby or parent unit to see the light flashing without disturbing the baby.  If no movement or breathing is detected over a 20 second period an alarm will sound giving you vital early warning that something isn’t right.

Product Image

The baby unit has a night light with a dimmer switch which enables you to check on your baby without having to switch on lamps or overhead lights, or even leave on for your baby if you are so inclined.  Personally, I go with the philosophy that baby didn’t have a night light in the womb for 9 months but that’s just me!

The parent unit is fully portable and has a belt clip which means you can carry on with the never-ending house work and gardening (yes you can even use it outdoors) whilst baby is sleeping.  With a range of approximately 100 metres that’s a lot of work you can be doing.  There is also an out of range indicator if you go too far!

It has auto channel select to ensure the best, crystal clear sound quality without interference.  The baby unit also shows the room temperature so that baby can sleep comfortably.

At a recommended retail price of £109.99 it isn’t the cheapest on the market but when it comes to baby’s safety there should be no compromise for peace of mind.

The Final Countdown: a race to the finish!

August 11, 2010

Over the next 6-8 weeks my life is going to be changing dramatically and I’m hoping it will all happen in the “right” order!  In 2-3 weeks we are due to move into our brand new house and I’m so excited.  At the weekend we were finally able to set foot inside and see what exactly we had bought and whether or not we had made the right decisions on kitchen and bathrooms.  I’m very pleased to say that we loved it all and just want to get in and start making it ours.  The really hard part is going to be pulling back a little and not trying to do every room within the first week.

New House 418 Our idea is that we will move in over a 1-2 week period.  First we want to get in and decorate the children’s bedrooms so that they feel at home and excited from the minute they walk in the door.  But then I really want to get the kitchen and lounge done too, I’m just soooo impatient.  Why can’t it be like in the Disney Movies where you just click your fingers and BAM everything is exactly as you would like it?

I’m currently scouring the websites trying to find a wall mural for Curly’s bedroom as this will be his first semi-grown up bedroom.  I think we’re going to go with a VW Campervan theme and do a “surfey” bedroom but it all depends on what I can find.

VW Camper Van Wall Sticker

I’ve also been trying to find a website that does custom wall murals because I have my heart set on the wall of our dining room being a huge black and white picture of Venice because that is where we spent our honeymoon but so far I haven’t found one.

Its really hard because I have so many ideas bursting out of my head about what I want to do with the house but then I have to get back to the real world.  Why?  Because in 6 weeks I’m due to give birth to our baby boy.  If he’s anything like his sister was, he’ll not arrive for 8 weeks but I have a feeling with this one that he won’t be hanging around that long.  At 34 weeks pregnant he is already feeling very low and people keep commenting on how low he looks.

For the past week or so I’ve been having lots of “period” type pains and really painful thighs.  During my labour with Little Bean all of my contractions were felt as intense pain in my thighs so obviously I’m starting to get a bit twitching now that my thighs are hurting again.

I’m really excited about the prospect of meeting my little man but all in good time.  Ideally we would like to be in and settled at the new house, have his room all decorated and ready for his grand arrival.  Things don’t ever really work like that though do they? 

So what do you think?  Who will win the race? The house or baby??????

Operation Baby to Big Girl has begun . .

August 11, 2010

If you read my post yesterday How do we do it? then you will know that Hubby and I have basically let our 2yo daughter become a creature of habit with her milk bottles.  We have let her 7ish and 10.30pm bottles go on for far too long and been unsure how to stop them.

Thanks to my lovely readers, family and friends I have had lots of helpful comments and advice.  So much so, that today I have decided to take the bull by the horns and start phase 1 of operation Baby to Big Girl!

Little Bean is a sleeper (whoopee!!) and generally needs to be back in bed by 10.30am for a 1-2 hour nap.  Out of habitual routine I have still been giving her a 3oz bottle of cow’s milk to send her on her way to dreamland.  This morning when she came through and asked for her milk and bed.  I asked her if she wanted her milk in a “baby bottle” or in a “big girl’s cup” – she replied “big girl”.  So I got out of the cupboard a range of cups to choose from and she chose a Winnie The Pooh one.  I also asked if she wanted the milk warm (as she normally has it) or cold.  I was quite shocked when she replied cold but she sat at the kitchen table with me – like a big girl – a drank some.  We then took the milk upstairs and she drank some more whilst I read her a story.  She didn’t drink all of the milk but I told her that once Mummy left the room that was it, no more milk and straight to sleep.

It has now been 15 minutes, ok she’s not asleep yet but she’s not shouting or screaming either (yet).  She keeps making the odd sounds, little bits of singing but on the whole seems very content.  I know the transition can’t be this easy for now I’m a happy mummy.  Keep popping back from time to time to see how the plan is going!!

How do we do it?

August 10, 2010

I have a fear that our 2yo daughter, Little Bean, is a monster of our own making!  Well not really a monster (though she can be sometimes) but what I’m actually talking about is her nightly bottle routine.

To give you a bit of background, Little Bean was breastfed until 5 months, apart from the dream feed of the evening at 10.30pm when Daddy would give her a bottle of expressed breast milk.  She didn’t wean well as she just didn’t seem interested in “proper” food and is only just getting to grips with big girl food now.  Even that is a very limited diet!

My problem is that she is STILL having a 6oz bottle of growing up formula at bedtime (7ish) and then a bottle of goodnight formula at 10.30pm.  This means that she isn’t always in the mood for breakfast in the morning and so the day begins!  She has a 3oz bottle of cows milk at 10am for her morning nap, lunch around 12.30pm and generally a pretty good tea at 6pm.  With baby boy due in 6 weeks, we’re really keen to knock this dream feed on the head as we will have our hands full sorting him out.  And of course, we are both aware that her current dream feed is probably one of the reasons that she is still not eating well in the daytime.

So my question to you is, how do we stop the dream feed?  Do we just go cold turkey and hope for the best??  We have tried this a couple of times but when we aren’t in her bedroom by 11pm she wakes up shouting for milk and screams blue murder until the milk is presented to her?

I fear that we have got her into such a good routine that we are now struggling to break it but we know that it is something which needs doing.

Also, I fear that she is behind with her “cup” habits.  She will happily drink juice from a spouted cup but will still only take milk from a bottle.  I’ve tried on a number of occasions to get her to drink her juice from an open cup, which she finds amusing for the first couple of times but then we slide back into old habits and out comes the sippy cup again.

And then there’s the dummy!  From the age of 12 months I stopped her having a dummy in the daytime other than for naps and car journeys (I needed the peace and quiet!) but I’m wondering if I should now be trying to stop her from having that altogether or am I trying to tackle too many things at once?

Please leave me your comments, as I say our baby boy is due in 6 weeks and so I would ideally like to get Little Bean in a new-ish routine before he arrives.  Oh and did I forget to mention, we are moving house in the next 2-3 weeks too!! Whoever said life was dull?

Review: No Tray High Chair

August 9, 2010

If you have ever eaten out with your toddler then you will surely have come across the No Tray High Chair somewhere along your travels – I know I have.  Fancy restaurants, boutique cafes, even the old family travel favourite – Little Chef!

The No-Tray High Chair Dimensions

The No Tray High Chair is an ingenious invention because it allows your toddler to eat as part of the family instead of being pushed to the side because of the monster of a high chair that they are strapped into with a big feeding tray to boot.

I think the first time I came across the No Tray High Chair whilst out was a lovely little Tea Room in Peterborough called Harriet’s.  At the time I thought there was no way that Little Bean would sit nicely and eat, I just envisaged all her food going straight down her front.  But how wrong could I be?  Little Bean revelled in the opportunity to be a big girl and sit “at” the table with Mummy, Cafebebe and Little Miss.  The two girls sat so nicely, they almost looked like “ladies who lunch” only much smaller!

I remember asking the Manager where they had purchased the chairs from and if they were available on the high street, “erm no I don’t think so” was his reply.  Oh well, that put an end to that idea then. 

Little Bean has always been a “tricky” eater (putting it very mildly) but the day that she was promoted to being a “big girl” she ate beautifully and I really thought this could be an answer for her. 

Since we were unable to buy the No Tray High Chair we have had to make do with a booster seat strapped to one of chairs at the dining table but that hasn’t been perfect because there isn’t actually enough clearance under the table to fit her legs so she sticks out a bit from the table and inevitably ends up with most of it in her lap.

CharleySimon Wedding 6810 088

So last week when I was offered the opportunity to review the No Tray High Chair at home for the Scandinavian Selection I couldn’t reply fast enough.  The chair arrived the next day in a very slimline box and was extremely easy to put together.  The instructions which came with the chair were very easy to understand and the result (less than half an hour later) was a very sturdy, stackable easy to clean chair.  Little Bean quickly declared that the chair was “my chair – new one” and so the test began.  She didn’t hesitate to get in and sit herself at the table.  Only this time her legs actually went under the table with ease and I was able to push her right up with no gaps for food to fall through.

image Scandinavian Selection market the chair as “No Tray High Chair – helping families come closer together” because the chair is based on the philosophy that family meals should include the whole family.  I couldn’t agree more with this, as a child I always remember sitting around the dining table sharing stories of the day with my family and this is something which I want to continue with my family.

The chairs are manufactured in the EU from solid birchwood and conforms to current safety standard BS EN 14988:2006 parts 1 & 2.

The chair which we received is natural birch which fits beautifully with our dining furniture but for the fashion conscious amongst you, they are also available in stained brown and eye-catching blue, green, pink, black and white.

CharleySimon Wedding 6810 102

The seat height is 52cm, footprint 49x47cm and the chair comes with a seat belt and big wooden balls which helped to keep toddler entertained whilst in their chair.

The RRP is £75 delivered (UK) – bargain!

If your child is past the “high chair” stage, have no fear as Scandinavian Selection has covered that aspect of the market too with “My Chair” which is aimed at children aged 2-10 years.  It is easy to climb in and out of and stacks on top of the No Tray High Chair for space saving storage.

For more information please contact:

Scandinavian Selection, Westway House, Transport Avenue, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9HF.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8566 1680  Fax: +44 (0)20 8231 0981