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How do we really know our children are safe?

October 23, 2009


No doubt many people have seen the news today about the disgusting woman “Vanessa George” who was convicted today of committing “grave acts of sexual assault” on many babies and toddlers in her care at a nursery in Plymouth.  The news said that the acts carried out were so sick that they couldn’t be repeated on national TV.  What on earth is wrong with these people?  What can make a person want to do anything to a poor defenseless child?


Everyday as parents we put our trust in people to take care of our most treasured possessions – our children.  We take them to Nurseries, Creches and Childminders because we know that they have been CRB checked and have passed all the security (as had Vanessa George) but then something like this happens and you wonder are we doing the right thing?  I’m a stay at home mum so Baby Bean spends the majority of her time with me, but on the occasions that I do classes or attend meetings she does go to a nursery for a couple of hours.  Everyone seems lovely and very child friendly, but then apparently so did Vanessa George.  I feel sick to the core and can’t begin to imagine what the parents from the nursery are going through.  Perhaps my friend Karin @cafebebe is on the right track afterall, she only leaves her daughter with family.  I think we all need to think carefully, we can’t tar everyone with the same brush – there are undoubtedly some great nurseries, creches and childminders out there who really do love and care for our children and their wellbeing.  But this reminds us that our world is not a safe place for us or our children and we shouldn’t give our trust quite so freely, be on your guard and observe your children  for any signs of change in their physical and mental state.

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