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Are her arms supposed to be blue?

February 23, 2010


Every week I take Baby Bean to the local swimming pool for Toddler Splash sessions with our friends Cafebebe and Little Miss.  The girls absolutely love it and totally wear themselves out – great for me and Cafebebe!!  Initially I used to take Baby Bean with no floatation devices at all so that she could just get used to the water and have an awareness of herself in the water.  After about 3 weeks of me getting backache from bending down to her or holding her in the pool I decided it was time for her to try on big brother Curly’s old swimming vest.  I was amazed to find that it fitted her as she is only 20mths and he was 3years old at the time that he wore it?  Anyway, that’s of no importance in this short tale!!  The first time that I took her in the pool with her swimming vest I wanted Daddy to be there for moral support and because I also wanted to try her out with Curly’s old arm bands as an alternative to see which she was happiest with.

We tried the vest first and although she seemed very happy, she couldn’t seem to get her balance quite right and kept tipping face forward into the water (she does like blowing bubbles!) so after 10 minutes we decided to try the armbands.  First impressions were, she seemed much happier, she sat in a different position in the water and so didn’t tip backwards or forwards.  So off we went with her floating around the pool, happily kicking, screaming and splashing her way around.  But after 5 minutes Hubby suddenly said “are her arms supposed to be blue?” – one quick look and yes, they were indeed blue, VERY BLUE!  In our efforts to make sure that her skinny little arms didn’t slip through the armbands and drown her we had unwittingly cut off the circulation instead!  We quickly deflated them and were very happy when her arms turned a nice pink colour, followed by Baby Bean waving her hands around and opening and closing her palms – clearly she could feel the pins and needles as the blood flowed back in!  So SWIMMING VEST IT IS!!  It’s mildly amusing now but at the time we felt like the worst parents in the world!!

I’m very happy to say that Baby Bean does not seem to have been affected by this little “faux pas” and still loves going swimming.  She is coming along in leaps and bounds, she happily kicks her way from one side of the pool to the other (25metres) and even applauds herself when she gets to other side.  She loves jumping in off the side of the pool and going under, clearly she is not related to me at all as I HATE swimming and going under the water but after two trips to Centre Parcs and a few rides on the rappids I’m slowly getting there!

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  1. February 23, 2010 10:27 pm

    Hahahaha, no the worst parent in the world when it comes to swimming put armbands on B and thought it would automatically keep her head above water and just threw her in – her arms floaed but her head went straighht under. Yeah she doesn’t hav the most sensible dad in the world (but you already knew that lmao!) Surprisingly B still remembers the incident I wonder if Baby Bean will!!

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