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REVIEW: Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate

March 8, 2010

Lucky old me recently received a request to take part in the Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate taste test.  As you can imagine it took me all of one tenth of a second to say “yes pleeeeease!”.  So I must say when I received a parcel yesterday containing 10 full size bars of Green & Black’s chocolate I nearly fell over as I was only expecting to receive the trial size bars.  My husband also got very excited as he is a big chocolate fan, especially dark chocolate (I’m more the white and milk variety) but I told him that I would neeeeed to taste test all of the chocolate myself to fully appreciate it.  I let him stew on it for a few minutes until I relented and said that he could help me with the tasting.

The Beginning

A little bit of education on Green & Black’s for you now.  If you are a connoisseur of this fine chocolate then you are probably already aware that Green & Black’s use organically grown Cocoa beans and ingredients which are ethically sourced.   The Green & Black’s story began in London in 1991 when Craig Sams (founder of the pioneering food company, Whole Earth) received a sample of dark 70% chocolate made from organic cocoa beans.  His wife, Josephine Fairley, discovered the half eaten bar of chocolate on his and tried some herself.  Josephine was so taken by the intense flavour that she was convinced other chocolate lovers would share in the appreciation and so they set about making the world’s first organic chocolate – a high quality bittersweet dark chocolate packed with 70% cocoa solids.

In 1994 Maya Gold was added to the range when Craig and Jo visited Belize on holiday.  They met a group of Mayan smallholder farmers.  The farmers had planted cocoa trees at the request of a large chocolate company who had then withdrawn their interest leaving the farmers with a field of unwanted stock.  Craig and Jo offered to buy the cocoa from the farmers at a fair price.  They used the beans to create the new Maya Gold which was based on the flavour of a traditional Mayan chocolate drink.  Maya Gold earned them the UK’s first Fairtrade mark.

What’s In A Name?

The name symbolizes the true origins of the product – Green for the strict organic principles and Black for the intensity of the chocolate.

The Range

There are many flavours (15 if I counted correctly) for you to choose from so there really is something for everyone:-

White 30%, Milk, Creamy Milk, Espresso, Caramel, Almond, Maya Gold, Ginger, Hazelnut & Current, Raisin & Hazelnut, Cherry, Butterscotch, Mint, Dark 70%, Dark 85%.

Of course the range doesn’t end there, they do cooking chocolate, ice cream & biscuits.

From the moment you open the wrapper, you are hit by the tantalizing smell of the cocoa beans, the richness – you just know that you’re in for a treat.  As it melts on your tongue you are hit by the creamy sensation and the tastes are sweet yet bitter, in a word delicious!

Personally I loved the white, the creamy milk, ginger and dark 70% the best but its all down to personal preference.  Are you still sitting reading this?  There are shops open all over the place, get out there and get some Green & Black’s – go on, you deserve it!

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  1. March 8, 2010 6:23 pm

    Remind me when lent ends but yes the 70% is very nice!!!!

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