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REVIEW: Bornfree Trainer Cup

April 26, 2010

For those of you not already in the know, Bornfree lead the way in the campaign for BPA-free feeding bottles. They have created a range of feeding bottles and training cups which are BPA-free and contain anti-colic vents. The training cups have a low vacuum valve which provide a free flow of liquid to aid the child’s comfort and create fewer problems with inner ear infections from sucking too hard.

I was really pleased to be asked to review the Bornfree Training Cup as this is an area which I seem to be having problems with. My daughter is 22 months old and still doesn’t drink anything other than milk (still from a bottle). I have tried numerous different cups with her but so far to no success. My first reaction to the cup was that it still looked like a bottle, something which seemed to make my daughter more comfortable. Ours was the orange cup which made a nice change from the choice of pink or blue! The spout is classed as a soft spout but it is a bit harder than many of the silicon spouts available on the high street. This pleased me as many of my daughters friends have chewed through them in a matter of days.

The cup is easy to take apart and re-assemble for cleaning. It can be used with or without the handles which makes it better for storage, also if you have a lazy child like me then you can hold the cup for them without the handles getting in the way. If you want to keep an eye on how much your children are drinking the bottle has a measuring guide down the side just like a normal bottle.

From my point of view the cup was a winner before I’d even given it to my daughter but the real test would be would she drink from it or not? And the answer was, she drank a whole bottle of water! This has never happened before and I have a cupboard of 9 different cup styles to show for it. She seemed really happy with the spout, although it did show signs of wear within two weeks of use thanks to her constantly chewing on it. This did not affect its use at all, it still did not leak but you can buy replacement spouts if necessary. I can firmly say that Bornfree Training Cup has become a firm favourite in our house and is used everyday, I can’t believe the difference in my daughter – finally she drinks something other than milk.

Thank you Bornfree!

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