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101 things to do in 1001 days!!!!

June 17, 2010

If you have read my blog post you will know what it’s all about, if not take a look and all will become clear! This is my list:

1. Take pictures and blog my progress for every item on this list

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

3. Use money off coupons I get

4. Only use coupons if I need the product

5. Think of 1 positive experience from the day and write it down for a month

6. Wean Little Bean off her dummy completely within the next 6 months

7. Move Little Bean into her new junior bed 5th May 2010

8. Sort out Curly’s free swimming card

9. Blog at least 1 book review a month

10. Blog at least 1 film review a month

11. Use my Wii Fit more often

12. Convince someone else to take up blogging.  SuperSingleMum

13. Convince someone else to take on the 1001 days challenge

14. Have a proper sort out of all our clothes and repeat every 6 months

15. Have a proper sort out of the childrens’ toys and repeat every 6 months

16. Sort out the loft/garage for Ebay and get it all listed

17. Sort out the scanner and get all my photos on the computer

18. Take up a new crafting hobby Jewellery Making

19. Always find the positives in a situation

20. Find my DS Lite and play the games I got for Xmas!

21. Say no when I can’t do something – without feeling guilty

22. Let Little Bean and Curly do messy play at home more often

23. Do baking with Little Bean Made birthday cakes for Nanna’s birthday

24. Think of 1 thing each day I have done with my kids and keep a record of it, so I can look back on difficult days and know I am doing a good job

25. Create memory books for each of the kids – you just never know what the future holds!!

26.  Get Little Bean out of nappies in the day within 12 months

27.  Get Little Bean out of nappies at night within 18 months

28. Write a Will

29. Update the pictures in the house

30.  Do some research and reduce my electric and gas usage

31.  Send Birthday cards on time!

32. Copy all my CD’s onto my computer so I can actually listen to them on my ipod! Just finished

33. Completely sort out my itunes

34.  Take Curly to see Lion King in the West End

35.  Re-stain the garden furniture

36.  Make my blog successful with regular hits and learn how to get it on Google!

37.  Try to email at least 1 friend a week to keep up with old friends

38. Text people back as soon as they have texted me – pregnancy brain means I only remember a week later!

39. Cancel Sky and buy a Freesat+ Box to save money I would highly recommend this to anyone

40.  Find my pregnancy journal book and start filling it in before the end of my pregnancy!

41.  Water my plants at least once a week, not when they look dead.

42.  Switch off my computer one hour before I go to bed so that my brain isn’t still buzzing

43.  Watch SuperSingleMum’s Lost DVD’s so she doesn’t think I’ve decided to keep them!!  – I’ve started!!

44.  Post the cards and presents to my 3 friends who have had babies in the last month. Need to get them there before their 18th birthday!

45.  Dig out all of Little Bean’s old clothes and “pink” things to sell because we now know we are having a boy.

46.  Source new bedroom furniture for Curly ready for new house.

47.  Sign up for Aquanatal Yoga (never got around to this last time)

48. Try to get more interested in cooking!

49.  Cook at least 3 times a week.

50.  Research and buy a new compact digital camera Sony HX5V – brilliant!

51.  Source and purchase a new console table for the TV, DVD and Freesat box for new house.

52.  Dream up a funky design for Curly’s new bedroom.

53.  Dream up a pretty princess design for Little Bean’s new bedroom.

54.  Find boy’s nursery stuff for bump’s new bedroom.

55.  Buy a new mattress for bump’s cot.

56.  Research and purchase new pushchair for Little Bean and bump.

57.  Research and purchase new car seat for bump Silver Cross

58.  Keep up mild exercise whilst pregnant so that labour might be a “bit” easier this time around!

59.  Establish successful breastfeeding when bump is here.

60.  Find and enrol in a beginners photography course

61.  Have at least one “date night” a month with Hubby

62.  Take Little Bean for a train ride

63.  Re-assess household budget on a regular basis (quarterly?)

64.  Organise all household paperwork into folders not mixed piles.

65.  Move all of my photos and music onto my remote hard-drive.

66.  Update the children’s scrapbooks.

68.  Think of something each day that has made me smile before bed time so that is my last thought at night.

69.  Become an avon rep when I move to new house.

70.  Pack smarter for the next house move.

71.  Make C’s necklace for her wedding in August. Started!

72. Find a maternity dress which doesn’t look like a tent for wedding in August!

73.  Find out where I stand with maternity pay/benefits.

74.  Buy a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs.

75.  Do the ironing after each wash load rather than waiting until the basket is overflowing!

76.  Draw up a rota for cleaning the house and stick to it!

77.  Put wedding photos into the proper albums – only been married 3 years!

78.  Book photo session for Little Bean’s 2nd birthday – ooops bit late now!

79.  Send thank you cards for my birthday presents/money

80.  Send out invitations for Little Bean’s birthday party

81.  Sort out food for Little Bean’s birthday party

82.  Choose a design for Little Bean’s birthday cake Fairy castle

83.  BAKE and decorate Little Bean’s birthday cake! Pictures to follow!

84.  Find a new slide of Little Bean’s birthday

85.  Find out more information about getting a domain name for my blog.

86.  Find and purchase display equipment for jewellery I’m making

87.  Make a range of jewellery for craft fare on 23rd June 2010!!!

88.  When Baby is here, find a new charm for Charm Bracelet to mark his arrival

89.  Use Bio-Oil EVERYDAY to try to avoid new stretch marks!!!!!!!

90.  Start doing weekly hair repair treatments to combat my seriously dried out hair

91.  Arrange a night away for me and Hubby before baby arrives – it will be a while until we can get away after he’s here

92. Start taking regular photos of bump like I did with Little Bean – I know I’ll regret it if I don’t!

93.  Get all my magazines read and passed on before we move house again! Only about 50 to go!!!!

94.  Write a thank you note to the kind people at CuddleDry who sent me tickets to go to the Baby Show today.

95.  Write my review for Angelcare Nappy Wrapping Bins who kindly provided me with complimentary bin and refill cassettes today.

96.  Find better way to “blackout” the children’s bedrooms – blinds are rubbish!!!!

97.  Research eco-friendly baby wipes.

98.  Get my feedback profiles up to date on ebay!!

99.  Sort out all my beads into colours and styles so that I can find what I’m looking for when making jewellery.

100.  Write a shopping list of the things I need to complete my current jewellery making equipment.

101.  Find or make a mobile to go with Baby’s new nursery bedding.

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  1. June 17, 2010 6:54 pm

    lol at #43!!!! I had completely forgotten!!! Oh and when you become an Avon rep let me know – my rep is rubbish lol!!!!

  2. June 18, 2010 7:36 am

    Good luck with your goals!

  3. June 19, 2010 1:21 pm

    I’m just laughing at the ironing ambition! Fingers crossed with your list, it’s very impressive. Especially the points which have been crossed out!!

    CJ xx

    • July 5, 2010 10:21 am

      Erm yeah, it hasn’t worked so far!! Maybe one day . . . . watch this space!

  4. September 26, 2010 8:15 am

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