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REVIEW: Wilko suncare lotion

July 8, 2010

I was contacted recently to test and review items from the new range of Suncare Lotion which has been relaunched by Wilkos.  My garden is south facing – I know, lucky me! – so I jumped at the chance to try this out, especially as two of the bottles were from the “for kids” range with SPF 50.

The bottles are a nice size, not too big to fit in your hand bag and not so small that you’ll run out of it in less than a week.  The new suncare range has been awarded an incredible 5 stars for its UVA formulation which in my book means its very good. 

I have always been blessed with pretty easily tanning skin, something which my husband hates as he always gets asked at the end of our holidays if I locked him in the room for the week or if he went on a different holiday to me.  But over the past few years since becoming pregnant/a mother I have taken my skincare a little more seriously and never go out in the sunshine in anything less than SPF30 in the UK and SPF50 abroad.  I still get a nice deep golden tan but I’m now happy in the knowledge that I’m taking better care of myself and hopefully won’t end up looking like a leathery, wrinkly old prune at the age of 40! 


When it comes to my stepson and daughter I obviously want what is best for them and so they never go out in the sunshine without (a) a hat and (b) sun cream on.  I’m very happy to say that my daughter actually asks for her hat if she goes out in the sunshine so I always oblige, even on the not-so-sunny days!  And she even asks for the ‘low-sian’ when she sees me applying it to myself – she sounds very Jamaican when she asks for it, does make me giggle!

But back to the moisturising sun lotion, it has broadspectrum UVA/UVB protection, is water resistant and dermatologically approved.  The children’s range, to add to the fun for the kids, is purple upon application but dries normal.  This also helps parents to be sure that they have covered every possible area of their child’s skin so that they don’t end up with nasty areas of sunburn to contend with.  It has a very mild summery smell which I would associate with lying on a hot sunny beach, its not the usual over powering chemicals mixed with coconut fragrance.  It absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy and does what it says on the bottle, it moisturises so you don’t feel all dried out in the sunshine.  The lotion contains Vitamin E which is an antioxidant which helps protect against sun-induced skin damage and helps to retain the skins natural moisture balance.


Yesterday we gave it a really good run for its money with a day at the seaside – it was applied in the morning before we left and just to be sure we gave them an extra application when we arrived at the seaside and changed into their swimmers.  We started off the day at the paddling pool for an hour, then went to the beach to play in the sand and finished our sunshine fun at the local park.  We reapplied about once an hour and had two very happy, un-burnt, sleepy children at the end of the day!  What are you waiting for?  The summers here and you need to get out and enjoy it – now where did I put that lotion?

Skegness June 2010 184 Skegness June 2010 185

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